So! Today! Start off with me taking my motorcycle to change the machine oil, It’s a Honda CBR 150cc by the way, I saw a bigass motorcycle Which has like freaking Radio, Speaker, Air conditioner on it! IT A MOTORCYCLE!! And it was so so so big!!! It was interesting haha XXD
And then, Evening Comes I go to meet with the gamer squad again and we hung out at this Arcade place in Koh Pich We were having so much fun! And Ploak Gamer is so funny when he play the racing game! cuz He was into it so much he lean himself when he drive XD It’s was so funny! XD
Then after that we decide to go home but Mr Kmav and Hunterxzkill said there were going to meet Noobie GMK so we go there and having some freaking good ice cream and then end the night from there haha.

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