Today is a very special day! Because it is the end of the year 😀 First I go to meet the gamer squad thinking that I want o go my buy keyboard with them! So After meeting them We go to keyboard shopping XD First We go to gold one Computer to take a look at the Red Dragon K555 Indrah I love it but The Squad suggest that i should get the Nubwo Centennial X10 instead so I go the check That out at MKN electronic but Unfortunatly there were out of stock! what even worse is the they were discontinued from the manufacturer So I had to go back at buy the K555. Shockingly when i arrive Gold one Computer the keyboard is nowhere to be found! When I ask the Staff they said another person bought it right after I view it … That broke my heart T-T (But I got it now tho). After all of that tragedy I was go out having fun with my girlfriends We go to eat something for a bit then Koh Pich for abit then We go in front of Naga to countdown with the big screen and everybody else, It was fun! and with all the firework is so pretty my Vlog end beautifuly 🙂

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