This Vlog may not happen because I was Lazy but I start the Vlog anyway because I couldn’t bare to look at the camera and do nothing with it anymore. We start me eating lunch on the way to Kratie I was super tired. We finish eating and continue the journey XD and then we arrive there got off to a big big big hotel and we hope off and then we hop right back into the car because the producer said it too expensive XD So we off to go find another hotel and then we got in rest a little bit then prepare to go to the stage. On the way to my car I was vlogging and drop the FUCK out of my phone… IT’S OK!!! the screen is not cracking so we good XD We arrive the stage and we got super hungry so we find something to eat. Then it performance time WE ROCK THE STAGE!!! And There was surprisingly lots of people there  what more shocking is my group of fans is in the crowd too! They were screaming raven raven! Oh My God I never feel to so good haha XD I’m so glad I vlog that day so I can those awesome memory. They were incredibly supportive !!! We were giving them handshake and stuff till the show over we take a photo for the concert then go to backstage and Wait till the end of the concert We go out again with all the artist and having fun on the stage! We singing and dancing, It was fun!! 😀

Here’s is the Photo that we got on stage XD :

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